1. Do you own the KORG D3200 or TASCAM DM-24/DM-3200/DM-4800 ?
  2. Do you wish to enhance your visual comfort ?
  3. So, do not hesitate anymore, extend the performances of your Console !
  4. Setup 2Seemy, connect a large VGA screen and then you will rediscover your Console !!!
  5. The 2Seemy interface will transform your recording/mixing experience for ever !


  1. To remain stand upright: you will not be forced anymore to live your life lying down on your Console trying to edit the nuances of your settings.
  2. For You: Do not give away anymore the rich functions of your Console.
  3. For all of you: A large screen display that’s also sharing with all the musicians.
  4. To optimize: 2Seemy-PC software*IncludIncluded in the kit window may also be integrated with your other PC applications.
  5. To exchange: Thanks to its PC “screenshot capture” function, sharing your settings with other users is now possible.


  1. The 2Seemy kit can be installed easily without altering the structure or circuitry of your Console.
  2. This interface simultaneously offers two functions:
  3. Once installed, following our step by step instructions, the benefits are immediate: